Sugarcoated: Finding Sweet Release from Cravings That Control Us (Paperback)

Sugarcoated: Finding Sweet Release from Cravings That Control Us By Angie Haskell Cover Image
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All around the world, women yearn for a perfect life they can never grasp. They want to be successful, attractive, sexually fulfilled, and free from distress.

Rather than turning to God, too many try to feast on everything under the sun--diet pills, pornography, shopping sprees, one-night stands, and social media--anything to hit that sweet spot.

In the end, they are left with a deep sense of shame that can draw them further down into a spiral of bingeing, hiding, and emotional self-flagellation. They totally get Paul's woeful lament, "I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing" (Romans 7:19).

Consequently, these women build a wall between themselves and God. They fear divine retribution for their chosen form of gluttony while simultaneously operating under the false assumption that God doesn't want to have anything to do with them.

As author Angie Haskell notes, "This dangerous form of beratement worms its way into every facet of women's lives. It burrows into their psyche, making them believe that demeaning treatment from others, as well as themselves, is perfectly normal. And if they dare throw caution to the wind, stepping out in their stilettos to stand up for what they need, it is often met with assumptions from others that their morals and values have flown out the window."

These women feel alone, unseen and unsatisfied, but Angie wades into their despair. With disarming wit and boldness, she empowers readers to take a hard look at their secret cravings, understand where they are coming from, and get on a path that leads to emotional and physical health.

In a society that has become dangerously divisive, Angie reassures women that they're still deserving of a relationship with God while also standing up for themselves and their needs.

About the Author

Angie Haskell is an award-winning author, artist, and speaker who engages audiences with her approachable personality, Southern charm, and passion for helping women form healthy relationships with themselves and others. Angie has worn many hats with great enthusiasm. She is the author of several books for children and young adults (under the name Angie Spady): The Channing O'Banning Series and The Desperate Diva Diaries, now in three languages. As a high school teacher, she was featured on PBS as well as Kentucky Teacher magazine for her innovative teaching techniques. Her paintings are featured in esteemed art galleries in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Tucson, Arizona. She reminds herself and all women that God created us to survive and thrive. A native of Kentucky, Angie is a woman of deep faith who survived the death of her two best friends, divorce, and a career-ending car accident. The mother of two adult daughters, Angie is married to her soul mate, contemporary artist William Haskell. They make their home in the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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ISBN: 9798887690964
Publisher: Whitaker House
Publication Date: February 27th, 2024
Pages: 176
Language: English