The A-Z Subliminal Manipulation Program: Revealed 1000+1 NLP, Brainwashing & Dark Psychology Censored Techniques of FBI Psychologists, Billionaire Ent (Paperback)

The A-Z Subliminal Manipulation Program: Revealed 1000+1 NLP, Brainwashing & Dark Psychology Censored Techniques of FBI Psychologists, Billionaire Ent Cover Image
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Has someone ever taken advantage of you for their benefit? Has someone entered your business life fast and then left without so much as an explanation after they took everything they could from you?

Or... do you want to learn from A to Z the clever arts of dark psychology and manipulation guided by an experienced and wise mentor?

This 25-book bundle contains 1000+1 powerful and never-spoken dark psychology and manipulation techniques. Once you will learn them, you become able to manipulate, control and enslave the people in front of you in everyday life - and you will be always protect by external attacks.

The first thing you have to know and learn about manipulation is that you can primarily manipulate yourself to transform your life in the one you dream and deserve. You can reprogram your mind and drastically boost your lifestyle by activating an invisible power - a power that you will discover within the bundle.

For this reason, this bundle is divided in 2 parts:

Part One: Book 1 -> Book 12: learn how to manipulate and gaslight the others by mastering the bossy techniques used by MI$TER X everyday you will find the biography inside the book]

✓ Part Two: Book 13 -> Book 25: learn how to manipulate yourself and reprogram your subconscious mind to become the best version of yourself.

Books list:

Book 1 -> The Explosive Power of Manipulation

Book 2 -> Manipulation: Powerful Techniques for Everyday Life

Book 3 -> Dark Psychology to Mind Control

Book 4 -> Dark NLP and Body Language

Book 5 -> Brainwashing and Gaslighting Powerful Billionaire Entrepreneurs' Techniques

Book 6 -> Deception: How to Induce Trance and Control Others

Book 7 -> NLP for Anxiety Cure

Book 8 -> How to Quickly Analyze People

Book 9 -> Neurohacking

Book 10 -> Speed Reading People

Book 11 -> The Enneagram Hacking Protocol used by FBI Psychologists

Book 12 -> Female Psychology Hacking

Book 13 -> How to Anger Manage Yourself

Book 14 -> Psychic Empath: Know Yourself and Others

Book 15 -> Emotional Intelligence: the Gold Blueprint

Book 16 -> Emotional Agility Improving

Book 17 -> Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Book 18 -> Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Book 19 -> The Stoicism Path: How to Be Mindful and Focused

Book 20 -> Bloody Confort Zone Cracking

Book 21 -> How to Develop Golden Mental Models

Book 22 -> How to Develop Permanent Atomic Habits

Book 23 -> Self Improvement for Bullied People

Book 24 -> Law of Attraction: the Life Booster

Book 25 -> Think Differently and Fuck*ng Big

Bonus 5 more books about self improvementnbsp;

⚠ Dark Psychology and Manipulation is a field of study that had not been given a lot of thought and research. The most influential people of the world want to keep these arts as prerogative of a few.


Because - as MI$TER X says - "Believes can be manipulated, only Knowledge is dangerous".

Use these books as an everyday guide, and you will find that you are much wiser for it. Knowledge is power, and MI$TER X wants to place that power and control back into your hands and take it out of those who do not have your best interest at heart.

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Publication Date: October 5th, 2020
Pages: 644
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