The Seller of Musk: What Makes a Good Friend: The Islamic Perspective (Paperback)

The Seller of Musk: What Makes a Good Friend: The Islamic Perspective Cover Image
By Maryam Akkari (Illustrator), Mussab Akkari (Editor), Edelitz Estacio (Editor)
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Build friendships that will last FOREVER Like literally...forever until the life to come, God-willing.But wait...This is probably not the book that you were expecting - Did you know that the average watch time for an hour-long YouTube lecture is less than 10 minutes? - How many times have you shared our lecture to family or friends, but they really couldn't be bothered to watch and listen to this unknown speaker on YouTube? - How many times had you wished that you had at hand the references for the Quranic evidences, Hadiths (Prophetic traditions), and verdicts from the scholars mentioned in the lectures?These are some of the reasons why we decided to produce the One Way To Paradise Series of books because we wanted to make sure that the whole message is delivered by accommodating people's various learning styles and needs.So, here we are The very first book in our newest series, The Seller of Musk is a classic lecture on the importance of being selective when it comes to friends in order to help achieve success in this world and in the next.Especially designed for the Muslim youth, the reader will be enlightened on how to select his circle of friends according to the divine guidance, enabling them to have the right elements to lead a happy and fulfilling social life in whatever community he/she is in.We added some relevant, fun, colorful, and comic-like illustrations, and kept the language informal in order to appeal more to the youth (and those young at heart). This does not take away from the density of the topic and the gravity of the matter.________________________________________Know the Islamic perspective on the following: - What is a good friend?- What are the qualities of a good friend?- Why pick righteous friends?- What is a bad friend?- Why should you avoid bad friends?- How to judge character?- Migration and boycotting.- The public caller vs a concealer.- What do the scholars of Islam have to say about bad companions? Learn how to appreciate and keep good companions.Learn how to deal with bad companions and how to leave respectfully when needed.Know how to avoid toxic and negative influence in your life.________________________________________Feel empowered and confident when selecting your friends.________________________________________
This is a comprehensive book that will guide you to become a better member of the society with the Quran and authentic Sunnah being your light that paves the path for your ultimate success. World-renowned speaker, Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari is an increasingly popular and relatable teacher for many of our youth. He delivers this from his heart based on real life experiences that you will relate to in your own way.
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ISBN: 9798669283087
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Publication Date: July 28th, 2020
Pages: 108
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