Growing Sensory Tolerance Using Rapid Prompting Method (Paperback)

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Autism can isolate a person due to their sensory challenges. This book was written to help the autistic person adapt better to the environment using the sensory learning channels- vision, auditory and tactile which are the doors to the sensory world. The kinesthetic channel is the output of how our sensory channels assess the environment. Through RPM we know there is a difference between the cognitive learning and the sensory learning. Cognitively one may know what pain is but his hypo tactile sensitivity may not let one recognize a cavity in a tooth. The exercises in this book have been tried with different students before writing. Our goal is to better the lives of Autistic people using RPM.

We know that our autistic children have many sensory challenges. As parents most importantly we want to know what we can DO to help. This book is packed with 'HOW TO's' - practical exercises which can be done for 5-10 mins a day at home. I feel that this book can help people even if they do not have a prior knowledge of Soma RPM. I loved that I was reading it and thinking about my son, I had so many "Of course Why didn't I think of that?" moments - for me the sign of a great resource book that will be read and re-read many times. --Sue Finnes, Parent

As an occupational therapist I have found sensory based learning to be an integral part of my practice. This is especially important for persons who present with difficulties with sensory processing including challenges taking in, interpreting and responding to sensory inputs from their environments. In order to maximize learning and motor skill development, it is beneficial to teach by incorporating the student's stronger sensory channels while continuing to facilitate development of weaker channels. It is also important to utilize these channels to help students maintain a regulated state in order to promote active engagement in a multitude of tasks and experiences across environments. Teaching via Rapid Prompting Method provides the sensory supports needed to help maximize each students ability to learn, both academic content and functional skills. Utilizing this sensory rich method of teaching has helped many of my students develop the skills they need to lead more meaningful lives. --Amy Brennan, M.S., OTR/L, BCP

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