DARK PSYCHOLOGY AND MANIPULATION (2 BOOKS in 1): The Never-Revealed Secrets Of Mind Control And Manipulation. How To Read Body Language Fast And Use T (Paperback)

DARK PSYCHOLOGY AND MANIPULATION (2 BOOKS in 1): The Never-Revealed Secrets Of Mind Control And Manipulation. How To Read Body Language Fast And Use T Cover Image
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Are you interested in knowing more about Dark Psychology? Would you like to learn how to affect people and manipulate them to do what you want? And what about reading body language to escape manipulation and identify any attempt of emotional deception and covert persuasion? Would you like to become a good negotiator? Does the mind control theory amaze you? If your answer to these questions is yes, then keep reading

Dark Psychology is the process of getting a person into a situation in which he cannot overcome our forces or don't want to resist them. He is very dizzy and finds in us, whatever it might be, the only path to his redemption.

It concerns people's emotional ability to prey on others. The use of prey does not always translate into an individual's actual harm, but a branch of dark psychology is wholly dedicated to this.

The unspoken communication that we use to show our true feelings and emotions is body language, such as our movements, facial expressions, and stance. Body language has been suggested to constitute more than 60 percent of what we interact with, so it is valuable to learn to read the nonverbal signals people send. This ability will profoundly affect your intimate, professional, and family life.

Nowadays, more and more people use Dark Psychology to get what they want from other people who have chosen them as their victims. As a consequence, understanding mental manipulation methods is essential for everyday survival.

Fortunately, there are strategies in their game to catch and defeat manipulators Use this manual as a textbook and a research guide. You will be able to carry your convincing ability to the next level, even if you have never used mind convincing tactics.

Also, this manual is a comprehensive guide on how to read body language in real-time to avoid manipulation, identify emotional deceptions and the tricks of covert persuasion, and how to become a good negotiator.

You will discover:

- The essential notions about Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy

- The 5 dark secrets of Dark Psychology

- Emotional influence and persuasion

- Behavior modification

- Hypnotism and brainwashing

- Mind control techniques to be aware

- Manipulation and Dark psychology

- Reasons why people become manipulative

- Body language and how to read it

- Emotional deceptions

- How to improve your negotiation skills

- Persuasion and influence: principles and tips

And much more

Let's find out new ways to influence other people's minds and to defend against manipulators, and use these methods to live a meaningful life. Let's discover how to defend against manipulators and become an excellent negotiator.

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