Manipulation Psychology: Learn Quickly The Secrets of Manipulation Techniques, Hypnosis, Body Language and Mind Control (Paperback)

Manipulation Psychology: Learn Quickly The Secrets of Manipulation Techniques, Hypnosis, Body Language and Mind Control Cover Image
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Would you like to learn how to master the best NLP and psychology techniques?

Do you wish to have the possibility to be recognized as an influential individual whom everybody loves and is always ready to listen to?

If you answered yes to the above questions, it is likely you currently have poor manipulative skills and are yet to learn the art of convincing and inspiring people.

An individual who regards himself as an influencer will often try to help a person in one manner or another but the manipulators are in the opposite since their purpose is to control their victims secretly for their own gain, mostly without consideration for their victim. Therefore, in determining whether or not a specific action is of a manipulative nature, intention is an important factor to consider.

The victim often gets subjected to complete emotional manipulation, without realize what is going on. This is often beneficial to the manipulator since he is able to get his desire of controlling another person while at the same time managing not to lose the victim.

It can be quite tricky to effectively deal with people, help them come on the same page as you and convince them to do what you wish, but it is nonetheless doable and if you committedly work towards the fulfillment of this goal, you can achieve it. Instead of wanting to control everyone as if they are your puppets so they dance to your tune, your goal needs to be to positively influence and lead them. You can have ulterior motives that you wish to have fulfilled, but if they are positive and you do not intend to harm anyone, you are on the right track and there is nothing wrong with making others agree with you. However, how can you achieve that?

The answers to that question are locked within this book, a handy guide that provides you with the following content:

- Codes of Influence

- The Secret Handshake Code

- Manipulation

- Lying

- Denial

- Justification

- Strategies of Manipulation

- Mind Control

- Hypnosis

- Persuasion

- Deception

- Body Language Codes

People surrounded with manipulators often struggle to find self-confidence. You feel as if you are in debt of them. They control your life, your emotions and your actions. Manipulators have the capability to twist realities and make you see what they want; hence, your ability to understand your environment gets corrupted. You start making wrong decisions that ruin your life, but benefits your manipulator. It is a state of psychological and emotional slavery, which you need to break as soon as possible.

This book is also written for those that want to wield immense power with merely their words. The process of leading another to make certain decisions is really what this is about. There are many areas in life where this is not only beneficial but necessary. We don't realize what is taking place in these areas because of it being so common.

What are you waiting for? Get the book now and explore the benefits of this book

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