CBT Workbook For Kids: Strategies and Exercises to Help Children Overcome Their Emotional Disorders and Fears. The Best Activities to Help Ki (Paperback)

CBT Workbook For Kids: Strategies and Exercises to Help Children Overcome Their Emotional Disorders and Fears. The Best Activities to Help Ki Cover Image
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Your child can overcome big emotions

Anxiety, depression, stress, anger, and trauma are all thought to be adult related concerns. No one talks about how these big emotions, feelings, and events can have just as significant of an impact on children. Children are looked at as safe from these hard to overcome emotions. But, with constant exposure to news reports, violent games, social media, and crime in their own neighborhood, it is likely that your child may be struggling with these emotions without you even knowing it.

Children often act out when they feel out of control. When they are trying to make sense of what they are feeling, these behaviors intensify. Unfortunately, these behaviors are often chalked up to typical tantrums, the child only trying to get what they want, or the child seeking attention. The cause of the behavior is never really questioned.

While it is typical for children to throw tantrums and fits every now and then, when these become more frequent and last longer than a few minutes, this is a clear red flag your child is struggling with some more. Children can suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress, among other intense mood disorders and emotions. Young children do not have the skillset to help them work through these problems on their own. It is no wonder why your child may be acting out if they are feeling confused and frightened by what they are thinking or feeling.

As a parent, you want to help your child work through these big emotions and strengthen the skills your child needs to overcome these emotions in the future. That is where this book can help In this workbook you will understand:

  • What anxiety, anger, stress, trauma, and depression looks like in a child
  • What skills your child may be lacking, which are adding to unwanted behaviors.
  • How to properly open the lines of communication with your child to talk about what they are going through.
  • What lifestyle change can best benefit you and your child.

This book will also provide you with activities, games, and techniques that you and your child can do together to work through big emotions.

Your child may have struggled in the past to communicate about what they are feeling and what is bothering them simply because they do not yet have an understanding of their feelings. Unwanted behaviors are never because your child wants to be bad. They are simply the only way they know how to cope and handle the big emotions they are experiencing.

This book will help you recognize this behavior and how you can help your child make the necessary changes to help them overcome and properly express what they are struggling with.

You and your child will gain a clear understanding of how to overcome big emotions, rewire negative thoughts, and maintain control in any situation from this book. If you have been trying to help your child with little to no positive results in the past, this book can provide you with the key tools that you may have been missing. If you are ready to see your child happy and thriving in any situation, then this is the book for you to get started with.


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