Anxiety in Relationships & Overcome Anxiety: How to Eliminate Negative Thinking, Jealousy, Attachment and Couple Conflicts. Overcome Anxiety, Depressi (Paperback)

Anxiety in Relationships & Overcome Anxiety: How to Eliminate Negative Thinking, Jealousy, Attachment and Couple Conflicts. Overcome Anxiety, Depressi By Lilly Andrew Cover Image
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Stop Anxiety Dead in Its Tracks & Become the Confident, Emotionally Secure, & Positive Person You're Always Meant to Be

Do you fear change, or worry that your partner might leave you one day?

Do your palms sweat whenever your partner asks you to take things to the next level?

Do you find your mind constantly spinning its wheels and not really going anywhere?

Anxiety arises from a feeling of discomfort as you step into unfamiliar territory. One of the biggest mistakes you make when it comes to achieving what you want in life, or succeeding in your relationships, is setting the bar too low.

You may think, "Low expectations are good. They are comfortable. And they keep me from taking dangerous risks."

Everyone fears what they do not know and avoid feeling uncomfortable any chance they get. As soon as you're called to level up, your self-doubt starts creeping in and turns into fear, making you back away from an opportunity that could possibly change your life for the best, whether it's in the area of work, relationships, or daily life.

While stability and comfort protect you from rejection and failure in the short-term, they also prevent you from truly growing in the long-term. In order for you to reach your life goals, you must be prepared for discomfort. Otherwise, you will just stay where you've always been and stagnate. And you don't want that, do you?

Of course you don't No one wants to stay fearful, unconfident, depressed, or jealous

That's why Lily Andrew's book, "Anxiety in Relationships & Overcome Anxiety", is here to help you eliminate your negative thinking patterns, so you can overcome anxiety, depression, fear, panic attacks, worry, shyness, jealousy, anxious attachment, and couple conflicts... so that you can finally live the life you want and have the relationship of your dreams

Over the course of this life-changing guide, you will:

  • Make Permanent Mindset Changes to remove anxiety while replacing it with radiating confidence and positive energy without drugs or medication
  • Skyrocket Your Social Confidence and bring the right friends, business connections, and romantic relationships in your life
  • Thrive in a Nurturing Relationship by growing together as individuals while removing negative patterns, anxiety, and jealousy
  • Develop Clear Communication about any topic without feeling insecure or judged by the other person for your feelings and emotions
  • And so much more

Anxiety in relationships and your personal life is normal. A big part of growth is taking chances and embracing new opportunities, despite the fear, shyness, panic attacks, worry, jealousy, and all other negative emotions that consume you.

In this guide, you will only get information gleaned from hundreds of research done on overcoming anxiety, so that you can become a better partner as well as a better, more confident, and more secure person

Take back control and overcome your anxiety today
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