Informed: The Art of the Science of Preparing Athletes (Paperback)

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Beyond textbook theory and the research literature there is always a gap to bridge when applying this information with 'live' athletes. In this book we delve into that uncharted territory that lies between. As implied in the title, there is an art to this translation of science into practice, and a great deal of wisdom and nuance involved in the process. We explore what differentiates truly elite practice, citing relevant examples and drawing upon applied experience.This is a book for coaches, leaders, practitioners across disciplines, and athletes who wish to be informed. Key themes include 'higher order skills' to navigate the challenge of truly becoming informed in the 'Information Age', creating a genuinely elite environment, effective coaching and the human interaction element of working with athletes, and the role of the athlete themselves in the process.The text is broken into three parts. The first section is for practitioners. The second, for coaches and leaders. The final part is dedicated to the role of the athlete.
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ISBN: 9781775218609
ISBN-10: 1775218600
Publisher: Informed in Sport Publishing
Publication Date: May 17th, 2018
Pages: 228
Language: English