No More Status Quo: A Proven Framework to Change the Way We Change the World (Paperback)

No More Status Quo: A Proven Framework to Change the Way We Change the World By Heather Hiscox Cover Image
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A guide for frustrated changemakers

If you have ever felt disillusioned with the way you work, your organization's strategy, or the social sector overall, you are not alone. Like you, Heather Hiscox used to wonder whether passionately created programs were really making significant changes in people's lives, or why the sector jumps to solutions and wastes resources without a process to guide their decision-making. No More Status Quo will validate what you have noticed is broken, and give you the tools to create a better path forward.

Hiscox's PAUSE framework is a set of problem-solving skills that can be used anytime you encounter uncertainty in any size and type of nonprofit, local government, or philanthropic organization. By using new skills, individuals and organizations can prioritize learning, center stakeholders, and quickly test potential solutions. You can be certain of which solutions will work, and why, and use fewer resources while achieving greater impact.

If you and your organization are ready for change, No More Status Quo will give you clear, easy-to-use skills and tools to open your thinking, adapt your work behavior, and get more impactful results right away.

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ISBN: 9781774582534
ISBN-10: 1774582538
Publisher: Page Two Press
Publication Date: February 7th, 2023
Pages: 274
Language: English