Secret Stories of Leadership, Growth and Innovation: Sustainable Transformation for a Safer, New and Better World (Paperback)

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Interested in knowing what it's like to deal with Fidel Castro, free dissident prisoners through back-channel diplomacy, or build a billion-dollar specialty egg market of Egg-Land's Best, Born Free, Free Range, and Organic? How about how we became cage-free and an alternative protein nation? Would you like to learn about the business rationale for a local golf club alleged discrimination and how to handle this situation Cartel Disruptor Style? How about learning the Secret and Hidden Cartel Leadership Rules? How about ways to give back with time, talent, contacts, and finance to sustainably transform for a safer, new, and better world?

Secret Stories of Leadership, Growth, and Innovation is a first-hand account of how multi-billion-dollar categories and industries are built and how organized commerce and special interest groups battle. One of the key themes of the book is showcasing how 'effective' leadership resulted in billions earned and how 'ineffective' leadership resulted in missed opportunities and disaster.

In Secret Stories of Leadership, Growth, and Innovation, entrepreneur David Radlo follows up the 11 Principles of Leadership, Growth, and Innovation found in his first book, The Principles of Cartel Disruption, and adds a twelfth secret and hidden key principle. David gives a rare glimpse into commercial negotiations and successful back-channel diplomacy with former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and focuses on local and worldwide effective sustainability and Environmental Social Governance(ESG).

Focusing on the difference between a disruptive mindset and a cartel and market leader mindsets, David reflects on the lessons from Cartel Disruption and his Forbesbooks radio podcast, Sustainable Leadership, and Disruptive Growth, aligning third-party narratives with his real-life situations. David details the greatest strategic planning and execution mistake in food and agricultural consumer product marketing history as well as giving you the details of his rollercoaster ride in exiting the business.

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ISBN: 9781734866797
ISBN-10: 1734866799
Publisher: RB Agri Markets Llc(dba Achievemost)
Publication Date: November 15th, 2021
Pages: 172
Language: English