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A classic in the field, R.W. Stephenson's Chiropractic Text Book has come to be regarded as a bible among chiropractic practitioners. Endorsed enthusiastically upon its release by B.J. Palmer, who wrote that, "of all the books written and compiled on Chiropractic Philosophy, this is by far the best, not excepting my own". For in this milestone of a book, Stephenson laid out the entire philosophical foundation of chiropractic, identifying and illuminating a variety of principles still used widely today. Initially published in 1927 as an educational text for the classroom and reference resource for more experienced practitioners (who are, after all, always students), Chiropractic Text Book quickly became a staple in the chiropractic curriculum. Though chiropractors ought to look elsewhere for current standards of practice, this book contains a great deal of valuable theoretical context and history as Chiropractic Text Book is the first place many foundational chiropractic ideas were printed. For instance, Stephenson's list of the 33 core chiropractic principles-in which he encapsulates Palmer's chiropractic philosophy - are still referenced by chiropractors today. For those interested in the practice, study, or history of chiropractic, this book will make a perfect addition to your library.
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Publication Date: July 24th, 2015
Pages: 450
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