Statistics: A Gentle Introduction (Paperback)

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The Fourth Edition of Statistics: A Gentle Introduction shows students that an introductory statistics class doesn't need to be difficult or dull. Author Fred Coolidge minimizes students' anxieties about math by explaining the concepts of statistics in plain language first, before addressing the math. Each formula within the text has a step-by-step example to demonstrate the calculation so students can follow along. Only those formulas that are important for final calculations are included in the text so students can focus on the concepts, not the numbers. A wealth of real-world examples and applications gives a context for statistics in the real world and how it helps us solve problems and make informed choices.

New to the Fourth Edition are sections on working with big data, new coverage of alternative non-parametric tests, beta coefficients, and the "nocebo effect," discussions of p values in the context of research, an expanded discussion of confidence intervals, and more exercises and homework options under the new feature "Test Yourself."

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ISBN: 9781506368436
ISBN-10: 1506368433
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
Publication Date: February 10th, 2020
Pages: 536
Language: English