Essentials Of Litho-Tripsy: Litho-Tripsy Must Knows (Paperback)

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Last 2-3 Decades, Clinical Practice Witnessed Drastic Changes, Due To Advent Availability Of Newer Technologies, Appliances With Their SucessFul Applicabilities. CareFul Observations Noticed An Evident Significant Shift In The "Managemet Of Stone Disease" From Classical 'Open Stone Surgery' Procedures To 'LithoTripsy' & Endoscopic Removal Of Stones: 'PCNL', Video Uretero-Renoscopy(URS) With Lithoclast, Cysto-Lithoclast Etc. & More Recently Sucessfully Prcaticed Laproscopic Manovures Like Lap. UreteroLithotomy. Amongst Various Differently Practiced Recent Methodologies For 'Urolithiasis'. 'LithoTripsy' Has Established ItSelf As An Acceptable, Authenticated Treatment Modality. By Applying Discretely Focussed Extrinsic Shock Waves, Stones Are Broken Into Minute Particles, That Are Passed Out With Urine Leaving 'Stone Free Patient', With The Advantages Of Simple, Safe, Secure, Easily Performed, Non-Invasive Procedure, Avoiding Hazards Of Anaesthesia & Surgical Trauma & Hence Minimal Ambulation. Being Performed As 'OPD' Procedure, Patient Discharged Same Day, Resumes Day To Day Routine Work Duties By Next Day, Thus Saving Huge Infra-Structure, ManPower Resources & Working Hours, As Compared To, Classical 'Open Stone Surgery' Procedures, Endoscopic & Laproscopic Manovures For Stones Removal. By Successful Technical Applicabilities & Ensured Minimal Errors, Even In The Horizons Of Difficult Anatomical Locations, Secured 'Stone Remnants Free' Patients, Provide No 'Nidus' For Future Stone Formation, Resultant Minimally Reduced Recurrences, Subjected To Intensive Recurrence Control Supportive Treatment Regimes, Lead To Maximal Result OutComes Especially In Geographical Regions, With High Prevalence Of 'Stone Diseases' & Hence Increased Susceptibility For Multiple Life Time Recurrences, Of Differing Sites & Sizes Of Stone Formation, The Imperative Need Of An Treatment Modality, As Safely Advisable 'Stone Disease Management' Methodology, Avoiding 'Repeated' Classical Open Surgeries', PCNLs, LaproScopic Procedures Etc, The Extended Scope Of The Established Procedure 'ESWL', Secures An Authenticated Treatment Modality Status. Role Of Lithotripsy In "Biliary Stone Diseases" & Scope For Other Indications, Relevant Aspects Of 'Intra-Corporeal Litho-Tripsy', With Recent SuccessFully Practiced Role Of 'Lasers' In 'Stone Disease' & Evolving Technique Methodology Of 'Extra -Corporeal Shock Wave LithoTripsy' Applicabilities, Have Been Summarized In Different Chapters. In 'Discussion' & 'Conclusion' Parts Of The 'Text", All Relevant Key Points For Success In Achieving Maximal Result OutCome Of About >95% Success Rates, Along With Emphasis Upon Different Aspects Of 'Comprehensive Stone Management Strategies' Are Included.
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