Gendering Legislative Behavior: Institutional Constraints and Collaboration (Paperback)

Gendering Legislative Behavior: Institutional Constraints and Collaboration By Tiffany D. Barnes Cover Image
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In democracies, power is obtained via competition. Yet, as women gain access to parliaments in record numbers, worldwide collaboration appears to be on the rise. This is puzzling: why, if politicians can secure power through competition, would we observe collaboration in Congress? Using evidence from 200 interviews with politicians from Argentina and a novel dataset from 23 Argentine legislative chambers over an 18-year period, Gendering Legislative Behavior reexamines traditional notions of competitive democracy by evaluating patterns of collaboration among legislators. Although only the majority can secure power via competition, all legislators - particularly those who do not have power - can influence the policy-making process through collaboration. Tiffany D. Barnes argues that as women have limited access to formal and informal political power, they collaborate more than men to influence policy-making. Despite the benefits of collaboration, patterns of collaboration vary among women because different legislative contexts either facilitate or constrain women's collaboration.
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ISBN: 9781316507650
ISBN-10: 1316507653
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication Date: June 30th, 2016
Pages: 310
Language: English