Surviving the Unexpected: Fall safety training for horse riders (Paperback)

Surviving the Unexpected: Fall safety training for horse riders By Lindsay E. Nylund Cover Image
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Do you know what to do if you fall from your horse?

In Surviving the Unexpected, Lindsay Nylund provides a practical guide to fall safety training for riders of all disciplines--professional, amateur, young and old.

Lindsay, a former Olympic gymnast and coach of many national champions, has qualifications in fitness, training, physical education and human resource management. The techniques and skills have been developed in consultation with doctors, scientists and industry professionals and refined by training conducted with over 400 riders across many disciplines. In clear and straight forward language this book includes:

  • Theory, science and fall safety training methods
  • A single initial emergency response action for all fall incidents
  • The learning progression for basic and advanced fall safety skills
  • Simple and advanced fall simulation activities
  • Pre-ride warm-up and safety routines
  • A fall safety instructor guide
  • A rider self-help guide with over 10 activities that can be self-taught

Seven days after attending Lindsay's fall safety seminar, I hit the deck at top speed. I was I was thrown sideways/forwards at a flat gallop and as I left the saddle I recalled the simple instructions 'let go of your reins and get your arms up'. I landed on my arm/elbow/shoulder, rolled a couple of times then stood up and walked away. I am sure this basic instruction saved me from a much nastier result. Fall safety training could save your neck or your life.

-Jeremy Bayard, polo player

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Publication Date: July 29th, 2016
Pages: 176
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