A Short Stay in Hell (Hardcover)

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As a faithful Mormon, Soren Johansson has always believed he'll be reunited with his loved ones in an eternal hereafter. Then, he dies. Soren wakes to find himself cast by a God he has never heard of into a Hell whose dimensions he can barely grasp: a vast library he can only escape from by finding the book that contains the story of his life. In this haunting existential novella, author, philosopher, and ecologist Steven L. Peck explores a subversive vision of eternity, taking the reader on a journey through the afterlife of a world where everything everyone believed in turns out to be wrong.
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ISBN: 9780983748441
ISBN-10: 0983748446
Publisher: Strange Violin Editions
Publication Date: March 23rd, 2012
Pages: 110
Language: English