The Therapist Within You: A handbook of kinesiology self-therapy with the pendulum (Paperback)

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The Therapist Within You: A Handbook of Kinesiology Self-therapy with the Pendulum is a comprehensive guide to using the wisdom of your own body to bring balance, healing and resolution. With a foreword by Matthew Thie, it is the only book to make energy kinesiology available as a comprehensive self-therapy to the general public. 'An in-depth and comprehensive guide to applying the pendulum to balancing life energy and tackling issues resulting from stress, confusion and trauma.' From the foreword by Matthew Thie. 'A huge and wonderful achievement.' Sandy Gannon, President of the International Kinesiology College. Learn how to use the wisdom of your own body to be your own highly effective therapist, so you can: formulate effective and achievable goals; apply many of the best contemporary therapeutic techniques available; resolve issues and problems at their source; create optimum opportunities for healing; transform limiting beliefs; choose the best foods, supplements and remedies; identify and overcome sensitivities and allergies; improve physical and emotional health; develop personally and professionally; enhance confidence and self-esteem. 'Much will be familiar to the practising energy kinesiologist, though it is all presented in a manner that is accessible to the absolute beginner, and Jonathan's fresh personal insights, adaptations and detailed protocol will prove valuable even to the seasoned professional.' Matthew Thie, Head of Touch for Health Education Praise for The Therapist Within You 'Hurrah A self-help book that works Simple steps to follow, where just 'having a go' will show benefits. Jonathan Livingstone has taken the risk out of self-enhancement and made it possible for everyone to improve their own health and wellbeing as he guides us safely to a more abundant life.' Sandy Gannon, President of the International Kinesiology College and head of Touch for Health in the UK. 'The Therapist Within You is a truly innovative book. Combining the pendulum with kinesiology is a master-stroke of genius. If you want to take back control of your physical and emotional health, this is a must-have book.' Vera Peiffer, kinesiologist and author of Positive Thinking, Regrowing Hair Naturally and many other books. 'This is a very precious gift Jonathan has given people. It is an erudite book written in a clear, comprehensive way. It contains valuable information explained in such a way that all can use it easily and immediately.' Daphne Clarke, Three In One Concepts trainer (England). About the author An innovator in the field of personal development, Jonathan Livingstone's interest in alternative therapy was already evident by the age of 11 when he first started hypnotizing people. Since opening his London practice in 1998 he has been developing and refining the most effective contemporary therapy and coaching methods available. He created Temporal Modelling to identify the sources of problems and Younger Self Resolution to resolve past issues. From 2002 to 2004 he served on the board of the Kinesiology Federation (UK). He is married to Elizabeth King and has two grown-up sons and a daughter, Abigail, born September 2007.
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ISBN: 9780956317902
ISBN-10: 0956317901
Publisher: Lemniscate Publications
Publication Date: September 1st, 2009
Pages: 360
Language: English