Ohio's Regulars in the War of 1812 (Paperback)

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The War of 1812 is largely forgotten by the American public today except for academia, military historians, and people who are researching their family trees. There is a genre of War of 1812 research that is largely overlooked today, that is, identifying the men who served in the U.S. Army during this war. The purpose of this book is to identify Ohio residents who served in the U.S. Army during the War of 1812 and not to create a detailed service record for each individual man. There are mistakes Due to misspelling of surnames, missing records, and other factors, some men are missing, some men are listed twice, and some men are not properly identified. Overall, this book should be used to identify soldiers and to point out what records are available for each individual. Chapters include: The Regiments, The Scorecard, The Officers, and, The Enlisted Men, followed by a bibliography. Researching this book started out as a fun project and evolved quickly into an obsession. By the time that the author was reading each land warrant, he found that he had been transported back in time to the War of 1812. As he was reading each warrant, he started to see the faces of these men. He saw fathers and sons enlisting together. He saw brothers enlisting. He saw the faces of the heirs who were listed on the warrants because their loved ones had died during the war. The author hopes this book will honor the memory of those Ohioans who fought in this war while serving as members of the U.S. Army. Eric Eugene Johnson is a lineal descendant of five veterans of the War of 1812 and he is the past president of the Society of the War of 1812 in the State of Ohio.
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