90: Building The Ultimate Empire (Paperback)

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They say it takes 90 days to create a new habit. How about building a new mind? Mel Jones, Powerful Thinking Coach and motivational speaker, has created a 90 day powerful thinking manual that will equip you with the necessary mental tools to break your old way of thinking so that you may transform into the greater version of you. This is for the entrepreneur looking to take his company to the next level, the football coach trying to rebuild after a loosing season, the student attempting to balance her work/class schedule, the couple who just joined their first gym, and even the stay-at-home mother searching for her own feeling of significance. 90: Building The Ultimate Empire is a road map through your mind, written so you may be prepared to combat any and all mental road blocks that you will encounter on your journey to becoming a Powerful Thinker.

About the Author

Mel Jones is a Powerful Thinking Coach, motivational speaker, sportswear entrepreneur and fitness professional. For years he has been speaking/training individuals and groups. He gets you fired up, stimulates your mind, and equips you with the mental and physical tools necessary to experience a fulfilling life. As an Economics Major from The College of William and Mary class of 2013, Mel Jones has done many public speeches for companies like Berkshire Hathaway, Victoria Secret, and Woodforest National Bank. He has also spoken at The College of William and Mary and other local High Schools, Elementary Schools and Juvenile Detention Centers. Mel was also named Top Personal Trainer for American Family Fitness in 2015. He has been featured on many media outlets including The Health Journal, Convocation Radio, and the Elevating Beyond Podcast. He is also founder and CEO of the motivational sportswear company Grip Work Gear LLC, where he pushes the message of individuals taking personal responsibility for all success that comes into their life.
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ISBN: 9780692749432
ISBN-10: 0692749438
Publisher: Mel Jones
Publication Date: July 7th, 2016
Pages: 294
Language: English