40 Things You MUST DO Before You're Due!: First Time Moms Pregnancy Guide: Covering The Essential To-Do's Whilst Pregnant (Paperback)

40 Things You MUST DO Before You're Due!: First Time Moms Pregnancy Guide: Covering The Essential To-Do's Whilst Pregnant Cover Image
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Making a to-do list can sometimes be tricky. What about making a to-do list whilst pregnant, about preparing for your baby? Sounds complicated right? Allow me to make it simple...

Discover the 40 essential tasks to complete in order to confidently prepare for your baby's arrival, leaving you feeling empowered and fully in control of your pregnancy journey.


"I stood in line at the pharmacy with four pregnancy tests in my hand. The woman behind me commented that I was in for a long nine months. I casually smiled, which she must have read as...


She divulged her own pregnancy experiences. Starting with the reality that, nine months are long, but they are also short. Long because of the discomfort and short due to the endless tasks to be completed in preparation for your baby.

"By mid pregnancy, I didn't know if I was exhausted from being so big, or from doing so much" she explained.

From that day on, I decided - my pregnancy would be enjoyable and organized.

I started my to-do list and broke it out by months and milestones.

Good thing I did - I ended up following this three more times with each of my four children." -Meghan Parkes


40 Things You MUST DO Before You're Due is the practical hands-on pregnancy guide for first time moms, providing you with peace of mind that you have taken care of all pregnancy essentials.

Everything from the moment you first find out you're pregnant to financially planning for your baby to deciding whether to breast or bottle feed... all the way to recognising signs of labor and possible postpartum health concerns. Rest assured, if it's important, then we have you covered.

Tasks are broken down by trimester and are complemented with entertaining and relatable pregnancy stories, plus light and fun illustrations.

*Featuring endless nuggets of mommy knowledge, here's a quick sneak peek of what's inside:

  • Three quick and simple tricks to make your pre-maternity clothes fit during pregnancy (Hint: one of them involves the use of a rubber band ) - pg 85
  • Helpful tips on how to ignore and embrace everyone's opinions, especially the ones you didn't ask for - pg 106
  • The must-ask questions you need to know when interviewing pediatricians. Yes, you should politely grill them - pg 145
  • How to prepare and what to expect from each and every prenatal appointment - pg 43/81/153
  • The indispensable must-pack items you need inside your hospital bag, and how to not forget them - pg 184
  • Practical ways to stay patient whilst waiting for your baby to arrive, and when you can't stay patient - creative ways to pass the time - pg 207

The PERFECT GIFT IDEA for baby showers, expecting couples or first-time moms

So, let's check off that to-do list together and walk (or wobble) through pregnancy cool, calm and collected.

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