Pocket Guide to Crime Scene Photography (Paperback)

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This handy pocket guide is an essential field guide to crime scene photography. The authors have used limited technical terms and jargon to distill concepts down to understandable, step-by-step methodologies. The book highlights best practices that apply to most any crime scene but specialized instructions--pertaining to unique evidence and crime scenes that present challenging conditions--are also provided. The book introduces concise, comprehensive checklists for photographing such evidence as tire tracks, dust impressions, fingerprints, luminescence from trace blood search reagents, and more. This convenient reference allows police professionals, investigators, and crime scene analysts and technicians to improve their proficiency to achieve professional, reliable results.

About the Author

Mark E. Vecellio is currently an instructor at Fayetteville Technical Community College, in North Carolina. He previously served in the U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Command from 1995 to 2011. He is a current member of numerous forensic science organizations and has led investigative task forces in robbery, rape, and arson crimes.Erick P. Bryant currently serves as Crime Scene Analyst with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and previously served with the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) where he retired as the Chief, Policy Branch at the U.S. Army CID Headquarters in Quantico, VA. He has expertise in crime scene investigation, analysis and reconstruction, forensic photography, bloodstain pattern analysis, and criminal, sexual assault, and death investigation, among others areas. He currently holds membership in the American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS) and the International Association for Identification (IAI).
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ISBN: 9780367787554
ISBN-10: 0367787555
Publisher: CRC Press
Publication Date: March 31st, 2021
Pages: 189
Language: English