Investigating Psychology: Key Concepts, Key Studies, Key Approaches (Paperback)

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Drawing on a wide range of studies and some classic pieces of psychological research, Investigating Psychology provides an accessible and engaging introduction to the study of psychology. It focuses specifically on how psychologists go about doing their research, how their work relates to real-life problems and social issues, and how psychology as a discipline has been influenced by broader political, historical and technological developments.

The book is divided into three parts, each with its own overarching theme. This structure facilitates the exploration, across the chapters within each part, of a number of broader issues in psychology.

Part 1: Why do people do harm to others?

Part 2: How do others influence who we are and what we do?

Part 3: How do we investigate psychological processes that we cannot directly observe, like attention, memory or language?

Each part consists of three individual chapters with at its core a classic piece of psychological research which relates to some real-life question of contemporary relevance. In considering the specific piece of research, each chapter (1) introduces in an accessible and concrete way a particular method or approach, (2) examines the relevant historical, social and political conditions underpinning the study, and (3) considers the subsequent developments in the field and how the question addressed by the classic study has since been explored by psychologists.

The studies examined in the chapters have been carefully chosen to ensure that the book as whole introduces readers to different areas of psychology (social, cognitive, developmental, biological, individual differences, etc.) as well as to a range of research traditions (behaviourism, experimental psychology, ethology, observation, etc.). The book also covers issues such as different types of evidence, methods and data, the complex nature of causation and the importance of ethics in psychological research.

Investigating Psychology will give its readers a better understanding of the diverse nature of psychology as an academic discipline, and of the different ways in which psychologists go about investigating new ideas about the human mind and behaviour.

Online Resource Centre:

For lecturers:
- Figures from the book in electronic format;
- Links to related video content, for use in teaching
- Suggested activities to reinforce concepts covered in the text

For students:
- Online MCQs, to check understanding as you progress through the text
- Flashcard glossary, to help you master the key terminology

About the Author

Nicola Brace is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology and has worked at The Open University since 1999. Before then she was a member of the Psychology department at the University of Westminster for 14 years. Jovan Byford is a Lecturer in Psychology and has worked at The Open University since 2006. Before that he taught psychology at Nottingham Trent University.
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